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Egg Classification and Processing

Nutrigroupe, looking forwards into our mission and vision

Since its inception, Nutrigroupe has benefited from the vision of its shareholder-producers who once decided to pool their efforts, industry knowledge and capital with a common goal in order to develop a unique business model in the egg industry.

Since 2005, this strategy has resulted in significant growth in trading volumes, making Nutrigroupe a model of success among all Canadian producers.

Without the active participation of producers and faith in their national vision, Nutrigroupe would not be what it has become today. The acquisitions of the past few years, positioning it as an important classifier/processor in the country, prove how much the producers attached to the Group to continue believe in their business model.

Mission and vision

Nutri-Group is recognized as the only Canadian company owned by local farmers, which is distinguished by its ability to market eggs and its products within the highest standards of quality, innovation and respect of its customers, employees and its environment.

Make Nutri-Group the most important and the most efficient grader and processor fully dedicated in marketing eggs and its products, positioning itself as the partner of choice for both Canadian customers and egg producers.

Our business units
Ontario Pride Eggs
Maritime Pride Eggs
Countryside Farms
Supreme Egg Products
Star Egg

The strength of a group
The egg passion

Nutri-Œuf: Grading Eggs Leader in Quebec

6655 rue Picard
Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec)
Canada J2S 1H3

Phone : (450) 771-4627
Fax : (450) 773 9485
Toll Free : 1 (800) 363-1045
Mtl :
(514) 745-1045

    Supreme Egg Products: Pasteurized Eggs Distributor

    17 Newbridge Road
    Etobicoke (Ontario)
    Canada M8Z 2L6

    Phone : (416) 237-1313
    Fax : (416) 237-1316

      Ontario Pride Eggs: Meet the high expectations of today's customers and consumers

      17,350 County Road 43
      Monkland (Ontario)
      Canada K0C 1V0

      Phone : (613) 346-2154
      Fax : (613) 346-2427
      Toll Free : 1 (866) 457-9460

      860 Trillium Drive
      Kitchener (Ontario)
      Canada N2R 1K4

      Phone : (519) 741-8763

        Maritime Pride Eggs: Serving the Canadian Maritimes Market

        50 Tantramar Cr,
        Amherst (Nova-Scotia)
        Canada B4H 0A1

        Phone : (902) 667-2015
        Fax : (902) 667-1630

          Countryside Farms: Distributing Eggs for the Western Canadian Market

          76 PTH 12 N,
          Steinbach (Manitoba)
          Canada R5G 1T4

          Phone : (204) 326-4313
          Fax : (204) 326-5744
          Toll Free : 1(866) 360-3447

            Vitoeuf : specialised in egg processing

            3475, rue Picard
            St-Hyacinthe (Québec)
            J2S 1H3

            Phone : (450) 778-1991
            Fax : (450) 773-0776

              Star Egg We are now serving from coast to coast

              1302 Quebec Avenue,
              Saskatoon, SK
              S7K 1V5

              Phone : 306-244-4041
              Fax :