Corporate Responsibility A PRIORITY for Nutri Group

Our responsible business objectives
are reflected in 4 key areas

Food and
and Sustainable

This objective is centred on regulations and certification.

of fresh shell eggs

All Nutri Group grading stations are regulated by the federal Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Put simply, stations must comply with all applicable Canadian Food Safety Regulations (CFSR) and are therefore regularly visited by federal inspectors. Nutri Group’s quality assurance managers work diligently with inspectors to maintain and improve various aspects of food safety and industry regulations.

All Nutri Group grading stations are SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified. This certification is particularly relevant to our agreements with major retail chains, which require certified suppliers. Some Nutri Group grading stations are also certified organic.

The Clean First – Clean Always™ food safety program, based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system, ensures that storage, cleanliness, air quality, magnetization and record-keeping in the women’s facilities are of the highest order, providing Canadians with the peace of mind that their eggs are safe.


The AQO program is built around five quality principles, which contribute to maintaining world-class standards:

Essential requirements
Our animal care and food safety requirements are scientifically informed and developed with input from industry stakeholders and third-party experts.

Producers are required to keep records to easily monitor program compliance.

Third-party verification
Professional inspections ensure that each farm meets all standards.

Continuous improvement
Standards are reviewed regularly, and requirements are updated according to new research and scientific data.

Producer commitment
A program of this magnitude spans an entire industry. The AQOMC brand involves the full participation of all regulated Canadian egg producers from coast to coast.

The egg, naturally.

Animal welfare is at the heart of our values.

The health and well-being of our hens is an absolute priority for our producers.

For all types of housing, our Canadian producers and farmer-owners ensure the well-being of laying hens by adhering to a national animal care program anchored in a rigorous national code of practice: the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals.

The Animal Care Program (ACP)
The ACP recommends a series of animal care measures throughout the production cycle. It is the only program ensuring that animal care standards are applied and verified on every livestock farm in Canada.

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Food is a major issue in the pursuit of sustainable development. Every little bit counts. Nutri Group wants to be part of the solution by offering its products responsibly.

The environment
and sustainable development

We are sensitive to environmental protection and therefore constantly on the lookout for good sustainable development practices. Moreover, for several years, the federation of egg producers has been making, in collaboration with farmers, major changes, particularly in relation to the management of livestock effluent in solid form, which have made it possible to reduce the impacts of production on air and water quality.

Nutri Group is committed to a constant pursuit of ever more responsible solutions in the years ahead.

At Nutri Group, it’s essential to provide a safe, pleasant, and egalitarian working environment for all employees. Our human capital is our greatest asset.

Working at Nutri Group

We recognize that business relationships are constantly evolving. Today’s employees no longer have the same expectations and objectives regarding their work environment. This is why we believe in providing employees with the support they need from the outset, enriching their professional experience.

We support managers, employers, supervisors, and employees in fostering an atmosphere based on trust, sharing, autonomy, and a sense of service.

Our approach centres on the following areas:

  • Wellness in the workplace
  • Ongoing training and skills development
  • Code of conduct
  • Social responsibility
  • Community donations and support
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