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Nutri Group sources its eggs from local producers who comply with the highest quality standards, such as the Animal Care Program and the Egg Quality Assurance Program.

To learn more about these programs, visit the Egg Farmers of Canada website.

Housing types

To meet consumer demand, a variety of eggs are available depending on hen housing, feed, egg nutritional properties, colour, size, etc.

In Canada and at Nutri Group, we distinguish between four main types of housing systems for laying hens.

Conventional housing

Hens are housed together in small groups with free access to food and water.

Enriched colony housing

Hens are raised in groups and have access to perches, scratch mats and a nesting area.

Free-run housing

Chickens move freely around the poultry house and are given a nesting area and free access to food and water.

Free-range housing

Free-range poultry houses are similar to free-run poultry houses, while also offering outdoor access when the weather permits.

The health and welfare of our hens is an essential priority for our producers.

For all types of housing, our Canadian producers and farmer-owners make sure laying hens are well cared for by complying with a national animal care program rooted in a rigorous national code of practice: the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals.

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