We’re farmer-owned,
and we’re passionate about what we do.

A love of eggs passed down from generation to generation

Our strong team of passionate farmers works hard every day to bring high-quality eggs to Canadian consumers.

A love of farming, nature, animals and, above all, eggs, has been passed down from generation to generation, keeping this passion alive in all members of our producer families.

The power of a team

Nutri Group is recognized as the only Canadian entity owned by local producers, and as one of the country’s leading egg graders and processors.

Thanks to our visionary producer shareholders’ decision to pool their efforts and knowledge of the poultry industry, we’ve developed a business model unlike any other in the egg industry, allowing every province to offer fresh, local eggs across Canada.

Every year, we produce, grade, process and market over 2.4 billion regular, free run, organic, specialty and processed eggs. Keeping our finger on the pulse, we set ourselves apart by bringing to market eggs and egg products that meet the highest standards when it comes to quality, innovation and respect.

1 500 000
1 200 000 000
2 400 000 000
Number of eggs processed and distributed per year

Our unique business model
allows us to access a vast supply
of eggs across Canada.

Star Egg Saskatoon,
Countryside Farms Steinbach,
Ontario Pride Eggs Kitchener,
Nutrigroupe St-Hyacinthe,
Maritime Pride Eggs Amherst,
Nova Scotia
Supreme Egg Products Etobicoke,
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