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What is the difference between the various eggs available at the grocery store?

Canadian egg farmers offer many egg options, all following the same high standards. No matter which type of egg you go for, they’re all delicious and nutritious choices.

  • Regular eggs with white or brown shells come from hens housed in small groups with easy access to food and water.
  • Enriched eggs contain more of a particular nutrient (e.g., vitamin D or omega 3) due to the laying hen’s diet.
  • Organic eggs come from hens raised in free-range housing with outdoor access. These hens are fed certified organic feed.
  • Eggs laid in upgraded or improved systems come from hens housed in small groups with access to perches as well as a curtained-off area where they can lay their eggs.
  • Free-run eggs come from hens that roam freely across the floor. Some of these poultry houses are also equipped with multi-level aviaries.
  • Free-range eggs come from hens that roam freely over the entire floor area and, weather permitting, can go outside. Outdoor access is only available on a seasonal basis in Canada.
  • Processed eggs are machine-shelled and pasteurized. They are then processed and packed in liquid, frozen or powdered form.
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