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Eggs by the Dozen at Any Time!

During this confusing time, we at Nutrigroupe would like to inform you that we are closely monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and are continually on the lookout for any updates and information provided by our government.

Please rest assured that we are making every effort to continue supplying grocery stores, as our primary concern is to keep offering our products so that you and your family don’t find yourselves in need.

For the past few weeks, our teams have been doing an extraordinary job ensuring business continuity in order to support and strengthen our operations and supply chain. We thank them for their group efforts, which are now more important than ever.

In order to anticipate and minimize the impact of this crisis on our operations, our management committee meets on a regular basis, taking appropriate measures to protect you and our employees.

On behalf of Nutrigroupe, we thank you for your trust and loyalty.

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