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Solstice - Nutrigroupe


Embrace Maritime Pride Eggs
and support the Project Revitalize Program.

We’re all connected.
We want to make the world a better place for ourselves, for our children, and for future generations.

One of first Maritime’s SOLAR Powered Farms

There are many ways you can have a positive impact on global health. One easy option is to support Project Revitalize program, which improves our environment in 3 important ways:

  • Reliance on SOLAR Energy
  • Nutritious Maritime Pride Eggs
  • 1 dozen eggs = 1 tree planted.

We are committed
to SOLAR Powered Farms

We tried a mix of wind and solar for awhile, but it did not prove to be cost effective. We converted to 100% SOLAR in August of 2021, and it’s working for us. Our farms generate “zero” carbon emissions. We think it’s a great way to help keep the environment healthy.

Why solar power?

  • SOLAR is the cleanest energy source
  • SOLAR generates zero carbon emissions
  • SOLAR is truly renewable
  • Surplus energy can be exported back to the grid
  • SOLAR is planet-friendly, low environmental impact

SOLAR is the cleanest and one of the most effective methods for generating electricity. We believe harnessing the free energy sent to us by our SUN is the way of the future. From that viewpoint the future looks great, and if we all do something, in our own small way, things will improve. Exploiting Solar Power represents one step towards reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Maritime’s region Project Revitalize Program

We think it’s a great way to help keep the environment healthy.

Project Revitalize Program!

1 dozen eggs = 1 new tree

Solstice is part of our effort to preserve and revitalize our green spaces.
You can be part of it too, just by buying a dozen eggs.

Who benefits?
You, your children.
And future generations.

We believe you can make a better world
one tree at a time!

Planting trees across the country will help Canada’s efforts to tackle the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. A SOLAR Powered Farms is part of that effort. You can be too! Trees capture and store carbon from the atmosphere, improving air and water quality, supporting biodiversity, and creating thousands of good jobs.

Yes, I support!

Embrace Maritime Pride Eggs
and support the Project Revitalize Program.

How does it work?

Every time you purchase a dozen Solstice large white eggs, Maritime Pride Eggs and its partners will plant a new tree.

Yes, I support!

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    Supreme Egg Products: Pasteurized Eggs Distributor

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