Where can you find our eggs?

Our products are distributed in all parts of the country. Specifics vary by region, but most big chains offer our products. Having trouble finding what you need? Feel free to contact us by email (info@nutrigroupe.ca). We are always happy to help.

Do egg farms get inspected?

Canadian egg farmers participate in a national Animal Care Program and a comprehensive on-farm food safety program called Start-Clean, Stay-Clean™. Developed by Canada’s leading experts, these national programs set important guidelines based on the latest research and information. Inspections are conducted by trained field inspectors and audited against Egg Farmers of Canada’s national programs.

What is a grading station?

After eggs leave the farm, they are transported to a grading station for washing, candling, weighing, and packaging. Grading stations are registered with and inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

How are new technologies used in hen houses?

New technologies available in the poultry industry allow for continuous monitoring of feed intake, barn temperature, and many other factors. While observation systems are also in place, farmers still rely heavily on daily barn checks.

How are the eggs transported to the grocery store?

After leaving the farm, eggs are taken to the grading station where they are washed, graded, and packaged. They are then shipped to grocery stores in refrigerated trucks. Upon arrival at the store, the eggs are placed in cold storage or in a refrigerated display case to help preserve their freshness. Across Canada, eggs travel from farm to store in less than a week.

Are there egg farmers in every province?

Canadian eggs are produced by more than 1,000 egg-farming families in every province and in the Northwest Territories. No matter where you buy your eggs, you can rest assured that they were produced in your region.

What standards must Canadian egg producers meet?

Poultry producers across Canada must adhere to strict standards in order to ensure the freshness and quality of eggs. They must also demonstrate that all of their production is local. There are two programs that egg farmers must comply with: a national Animal Care Program and an on-farm food safety program called Start-Clean, Stay-Clean™. These programs set comprehensive and rigorous standards based on the latest science offered by the nation’s leading experts.

Farms are inspected by qualified inspectors, and farmers are committed to caring for their flock in an exemplary manner in order to maintain the safety and freshness of their eggs at all times.

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